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Sad to leave, but I’m working on a new website now.  If you are into sports video games or my videos, check out my new digs at  For those who have followed me since launching The Reboot in 2007, thanks for all the love.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter and becoming a fan of the sportsgamershow Facebook Fan Page.

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Nintendo Got Pwned?

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The Reboot - 5 Reasons Why NBA 2K11 is the Best Basketball Video Game Ever

Creating a basketball video game that accurately represents the real-life sport is a difficult task. However, 2K Sports was able to do just that with their latest reiteration of the sport with NBA 2K11. Many have called it one of the best basketball video games in recent history, but I believe it is the best basketball video game ever.

In this episode of The Reboot, I’ll give you 5 reasons why NBA 2K11 stands out among the rest.

To download this and other Reboot episodes, go to the Vimeo Reboot page.  Reboot episodes can also be found on YouTube and Gametrailers.

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Wooden Pixel Art FTW (via 8 BIT WOOD)

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Microsoft Confirms Avatar Kinect at CES

Microsoft unveiled the Avatar Kinect on Wednesday night during Microsoft’s keynote presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The new feature will let Kinect users interact with each other in virtual worlds with their avatars mimicking every movement on their body, including facial expressions. 

During the keynote, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer presented a video that showed off the service, which will allow up to seven friends to meet up in a virtual space.  There will be 15 virtual spaces, each with a different theme, including a performance stage and talk-show environment.

Avatar Kinect will be free for Xbox Live Gold members and is expected to be available this spring.

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DeSean Jackson’s Game Winning Punt Return - Tecmo Bowl Style (via Kotaku) 

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The Roast of Mario (via CollegeHumor)

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Limited Edition “MLB 11 The Show” Dual-Shock PS3 Controller (via Playstation.Blog)

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TRON: Legacy x Vans SK8-HI (via Hypebeast)

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Lego (C.O.D) Black Ops

These aren’t the Legos I remember playing with as a child. 

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